Mr Men and Little Miss

The Celeb Special

No, you’re not imagining it… Mr Men and Little Miss are popping up everywhere this year in celebration of their 45th anniversary. Launched in 1971 Mr Men and Little Miss, created by British-born Roger Hargreaves, became an essential part of any childhood bookcase. Hargreaves’ first character Mr Tickle was born when his son asked him what a tickle looked like and the rest is history! Today there are 87 Mr Men and Little Miss in total and a new book is sold every 2.5 seconds! So to honor their big birthday we gave them a celebrity makeover and transformed 2016’s most talked about names into Mr Men and Little Miss…


Victoria Beckham

If there’s one thing we can always count on in the fashion world, it’s Victoria Beckham wearing black. The humble little black dress is undeniably her go-to staple and she’s worn a multitude of versions from short minis to a sexy bandeau number for that raunchy Instagram pic. So it went without saying that her Little Miss doppelganger would be Little Miss LBD… although we have to say, pink does look good on you!


Justin Bieber

We’ve transformed Biebs into one of the nation’s favorite Mr Men… Mr Bounce! Known for his energetic stage performances it made sense that we turn Justin into this little yellow character and replaced his hat with the Bieb’s infamous Calvin Klein pants… oh and who could forget his tattoos!


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift must be one of the tallest women in music right? So naturally we wanted to see her at Mr Tall but given all the Calvin drama recently we felt she deserved the title Little Miss Controversial! Additionally, she couldn’t be without her classic peroxide bob and Mary Janes.


Kylie Jenner

Little Miss Sunshine was always one of our favorite Little Miss and we couldn’t wait to see what Kylie Jenner would look like transformed into her. Known for her boxer braids Kylie’s hair lends itself to Little Miss Sunshine’s cute pigtail plaits and of course, we had to rename her Little Miss Lip Kit… for obvious reasons!


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Which one is your favorite?