Zoolander Emojis

We've got 2 words for you: Zoolander Emojis

Ladies and gentlemen, this year's highly anticipated movie release is right around the corner, and we're "really, really, really" excited! When February 12th strikes, thousands of people will be lining up to see Zoolander 2, and judging by the teasers, trailers and Derek’s fierce cover on Vogue-- it looks like it won’t disappoint! Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson will reprise their roles back on the runway as male models, Derek and Hansel, alongside a whole host of incredible talent, including Kristen Wiig, Penelope Cruz, and Justin Bieber! To honor this promising debut, we thought it would be fun to celebrate these characters in the way of.... emojis! Inspired by Kim K's KIMOJI collection, we have immortalized everything -- from ‘the center for ants’ to Derek’s infamous Blue Steel -- in emoji-form. Meet ZOOMOJI!

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Whether you’re looking for that perfect emoji to caption your selfie, or you just want to add on to your current collection of emojis, #zoomoji is the communication tool for you.


Our Zoolander emoji collection (or better known as, zoomoji) combine the best parts of the original 2001 Zoolander movie, with highlights from the teasers of Zoolander 2. A few highlights you'll expect in this collection: the infamous brainwashing machine that Mugatu uses on Derek, the old-school, pimped out orange Mac that Hansel can’t seem to break into, Mugatu’s ‘god damn latte’ (which coincidentally answers our prayer for additional coffee emojis) and of course Mugatu’s diva poodle. In addition, we've added a few of our pesonal faves: the ‘centre for ants’ and Derek as a merman! ‘Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty,' said by a true genius. 


Zoolander 2 inpsired emojis include Justin Bieber (yes we actually made a Bieber emoji), making a cameo appearance; the hillariously brilliant Kristen Wiig and unrecognizable skincare guru Alexanya Atoz; and Benedict Cumberbatch who will play an androgynous male model rival to the boys. And, of course we had to include an emoji inspired by Derek and Hansel's breakthrough walk during last year's Valentino show!

Unfortunately, our Zoomojis aren’t actually available in the app store. Womp, womp. Maybe if we use Mugatu’s brainwashing machine on Apple, we can make these dreams a reality?