What Women Want

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What Do Women Want?

The question of the century: what do women really want? Obviously there are a plethora of things on the list, which we won't get into at this very moment.... but when it comes to fashion, we think we have a pretty solid idea. The team at Stylight did some digging to find the types of inspiration our users turn to. 

We set out to answer a variety of questions-- for example, how much influence do magazines, streetstyle photo opps and social media have on purchasing power? Which style icons are making waves in the industry today? How is the overall market doing? To answer these questions, we analyzed and examined our internal data of female consumption from the first quarter of 2016, and created an interactive infographic that showcases eCommerce market growth and evolution, current hot trends, must-have brands and much more. Are these on par with your own fashion desires? 

Women Love Shopping Inspiration

630 Million Euros

of Gross Merchandise Value globally generated by Stylight in 2015

Mobile ready

$26.44% growth

in Stylight’s global mobile traffic 
(Q1 2016 vs same period 2015)

More is always better

$25% growth

of n° of products live on 
Stylight.com compared to 2014

Stay Calm and Shop On

$60 billion

Value of the US fashion 
eCommerce market in 2015*

According to a recent report released by ComScore, clothing is the top-selling e-commerce category in the United States for the first time ever, due in large part to the rise of mobile commerce. In fact, Stylight reported 630 million euros (about $714 million) in global sales for our retail partners, an impressive 94% growth rate in gross merchandise value in the last year, whereas Stylight.com saw a whopping 450% increase in GMV for the US market specifically.

“As mobile commerce consistently gains momentum, so does our focus on mobile strategy. We know the importance of user experience and how that affects our consumers’ shopping behaviour across all channels,” comments Stylight’s Managing Director, Max Müller.

*Source: comScore 2016; Stylight Press 

Fashion Inspiration & Industry Muses

This category should be no surprise at all. According to our social media analytics team, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian West are THE Fashion Inspiration Queens of the past quarter, who continue to influence fashion trends and purchases across the world. Like Gigi's khaki bomber jacket that she was spotted wearing in the streets of LA... and her cropped mustard top coupled with the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans... and those fitted bodycon dresses worn by both Kim and Gigi--- ah, this inspiration gives us life! Our data confirms that fashionistas couldn’t wait to have similar outfits in their closets as soon as they were debuted. 

Together they can count on their Instgram following of 135 million (53.2 Kendall, 66.1 Kim and 15.7 Gigi) to crown them as influential fashion royalty.

Favorite products on Stylight.com

Hottest Products Right Now

Wondering what the hottest trends are in the US right now? You've come to the right place! Above, you'll find the top styles per category that our users have been searching for since the beginning of 2016.

There You Have It!

Inspiration can be the helping hand to guide online shoppers through the shopping journey. Especially users that may not know what they're searching for.

Managing Director, Max Müller, states, "At Stylight we aim to bridge content and commerce, and be the destination that delivers nonstop inspiration to our users. Once a user knows what she wants, we make it super simple to act on that inspiration."

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